Texas Dream

The soul of Southern-America in your hands; creamy avocado, crispy nachos and jalapenos.

Juicy Bacon

Caramelised bacon strips over a sweet & sour chutney. Light and smoke in layers.

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Take away from your nearest Burgerhouse

Raw ingredients in focus

Our burgers are a blend of selected cuts and are completely free of additives, and each burger has its unique flavor and garnish.

Our Burgers are Grilled

Grilled meat tastes the best, which is why all our burgers are grilled. On some of our dishes, you can choose a double burger. For those who want a smaller burger or 'food on the go,' we have smaller burgers that are suitable for handheld consumption; The Americans.

Casual atmosphere

Burgerhouse has a relaxed and informal style; here you can come with friends, family, or on a date. If you're planning a gathering, please contact us in advance if you're a large group, but most of the time we can find available tables shortly.