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Texas Dream

The soul of Southern-America in your hands; creamy avocado, crispy nachos and jalapenos.

Juicy Bacon

Caramelised bacon strips over a sweet & sour chutney. Light and smoke in layers.

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Raw ingredients in focus

Our burgers are a mix of selected prime beef cuts and are completely free of additives. The burger breads are organic, and each burger has its unique taste and garnish.

Our Burgers are Grilled

Nothing beats the taste of grilled meat. Therefore, all our burgers are grilled, and you are free to choose a double burger on any of our dishes. For those who want a smaller burger or ‘food on the go’ we have smaller burger options such as The Americans.

Casual atmosphere

Burgerhouse has a relaxed and informal style, we welcome you and your party of family, friends or a date. Is your party large, are you arranging a birthday celebration, a Christmas party or something significant? Our team is at the ready and are delighted to assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us by mail or telephone.